So, I’m working on this punk knitters soaker at the moment.  Its in Utiku yarn, which I have dyed with koolaid.  I don’t particularly like the dye-job, I used a different method to my normal dip-dyeing – I put the yarn in a lasagne dish and poured over the dye solution and gave it a little swish.  The result is a lot of the yarn stayed white, which I don’t really like.  And it all looks a bit pale and washed out.  But as this soaker is just for E to wear under dresses this summer I guess it doesn’t matter.

 But I have a wee problem though – I only dyed 75g of yarn, and there isn’t much left do the leg cuffs.  I can’t decide if I should just try to get 4 rows to each cuff (I might have enough yarn for that) but I prefer at least 8 rows for cuffs so I could use a contrast colour for a couple of rows on each cuff as a stripe. 

But I can’t decide what other colour to use if I do that – I have put my pink scrap yarns next to the soaker in the pic.  What do you think?  The deep pink is a bit too deep I think.  The one below that is actually a crepe yarn so a different texture to the Utiku.  The pale pink is a bit, well, pale. The other one is a smidgeon of lovely lovely merino&silk but I only have a teeny bit of it.  The only blues I have are not quite right either.  sigh.  I could always just use white Utiku but that would be boring, wouldn’t it?

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