Longies in the round

I love making longies on circular needles, they are easy & relatively quick, have no seams (yay!), and I find are a great fit with just 3 short rows and a gusset.  I use 40cm and 30cm addi turbo needles, they are soooo nice, just a joy to knit with!

I don’t really follow any one pattern for the longies I make.  I always do an enclosed elastic waistband – mostly because I find ribbing tedious, and making i-cords even more tedious!   It also makes nappy changes quicker and easier when you don’t have to mess about with a drawstring.  For my first pair I was guided by the measurements in the doodlepants pattern but now I just sort of do my own thing.  I add three short rows in the back at 1 inch intervals, pretty much like doodlepants.  But unlike the doodlepants pattern I always put in a gusset – I think a gusset is essential for longies to be worn over cloth nappies.  I always sew up the gusset with kitchener stitch before doing the legs, this means that I can pick up 4 or 5 stitches along the edge of the gusset for the first round of each leg – this eliminates having to sew up any holes later!

 Here’s my first longies-in-the-round effort – E has been wearing them all winter as pajama pants, they are just the best thing for nights!  They are in utiku watermelon have moss stitch cuffs.

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And here are a pair I made for the TNN mid-winter secret santa.  They are in utiku amber and I pimped them a bit with purl stitch cuffs which have a row of faggoting, and adding a few embroidered bats (the one on the front is supposed to be smiling, really!)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I made a wee beanie to go with it too, I love knitting hats cos they are so quick!  I start off using my 40cm addis and finish up on dpns. 

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