Not a very crafty weekend

Well the weather was so beautiful in the weekend that I spent most of it out and about with E, but I did manage to get some fabric cut out ready for sewing – but its for christmas presents so I can’t tell you what its going to become!

I have decided that this summer I want to take E to visit all of the Auckland Regional Council parks in the Northern sector (and hopefully a few in the south and west too), so yesterday I ticked Tawharanui off my list.  I went up with my sister and her husband, and we had a lovely picnic then went for a stroll down the beach with E in the ergo – I was lazy so we all took turns carrying her!  Its actually quite a long beach (a lot longer than the photo below shows) so we were walking for over an hour.  E had a lovely play in the sand too, but I had forgotten the camera *rolls eyes* so no lovely pics here of E playing… here’s an aerial photo of Tawharanui I found on the net:


It was such a beautiful day, no clouds, and the beach was nearly deserted… lovely.

 On the way home we stopped at Warkworth for an icecream, which we ate down by the river watching the ducks, which E enjoyed.  Then we hit a huge traffic jam heading south so rather than crawling south to Orewa at 10km/h we turned west and went for a leisurely drive home via Puhoi and the Kaipara coast. 


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