Christmas bags

On Friday I received a lovely surprise in the post – E’s TNN secret santa had sent me a present too!  I’d only asked for one pressie for E, so this was unexpected and gave me lots of warm fuzzies.  My present was rad too, it was a gorgeous knitting bag (which has a special needle pocket inside, with a flap that covers the ends of the needles) and two balls of lovely soft wool yarn in a natural shade ready to be dyed!

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I’d been using a cloth shopping bag for my knitting so I happily transferred my WIP to this beauty and reclaimed the other bag for shopping.  I don’t have enough cloth shopping bags as it is and have been buying plastic ones lately, so was pleased to get that one back.

 This weekend I sewed christmas presents!  I can’t show them all here, but I can show this one because its recipient (my sister) has already seen it.  Its the first thing I’ve made from start to finish without having to ask for mum’s help so I was all proud of myself (although I have to admit she did the handsewing on it because I was busy with other things.)   The button is actually a clip-on earring that belonged to my late grandmother, I thought it added a wee bit of bling to the bag. 

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