A christmas apron

As I may have mentioned before, my sewing skills are rather limited.  But I loved the aprons Neak made for Tammy and was determined to have a go at one myself.  So I made this one for a christmas present for my sister (thats me in the pics, not my sister).  Its reversible and I made it nearly all by myself!  Well, mum gave me some directions cos I didn’t actually have a pattern with instructions, and I got a bit fed up by the time I got to the sash and discovered that its quite hard to topstitch a sash perfectly on both sides so I made mum do that bit.  And she did the button holes cos she has a super dooper embroidery machine that does them at the touch of a button but she doesn’t let me near it (I don’t blame her!).

 The pics were taken before the button was put on, cos I was impatient.  I still owe mum one as a christmas present, so I’d better get on to that next week.  And then I can make one for myself, cos I love them and think they are awesome!




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