Christmas goodies

Well just because I haven’t updated my blog lately doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy!

I was inspired by Tammy’s goodies to have a go making some christmas cookies and icing them.  This was my first ever effort piping icing so please don’t laugh!  I had some good cake icing dye sitting around (for dyeing yarn!) so I put it to the use it was originally intended.  Unfortunately the only red I had was some cheap Spotlight food colouring, and well, it wasn’t very good!  I had to use heaps just to get a dark pink (it was supposed to be “christmas red” – yeah right!) and then it watered down my icing which then went all runny and didn’t want to set.  Bah!  So my gingerbread men have enourmous mouths and buttons and look very amateur *blush*.  These probably aren’t the best ones either, they just happen to be some that I gave mum and she took a photo of.  The rest ended up in E and my tummies very quickly…



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