Out in the buggy

After Christmas I had a nasty incident with the bathroom scales, and decided I’d better do something about it!  So I’ve been taking E out for walks in the buggy – I have even been doing a bit of jogging (ok so the jogging was only downhill, but there are some pretty big hills where I live and pushing her up in the in the buggy was hard enough!)  I normally like taking her out on my back in the ergo, its snuggly and less clumsy than pushing a buggy; but in the summer heat its nice to use the buggy, and E likes it when we go fast (well fast is a relative term, my jogging is pretty slow!).

The other day I took the camera out with us to take some snaps of the lovely views where I live.  The road skirts a pine forest:


That is the only sealed bit, the rest is gravel.  After a killer hill which I didn’t photograph cos I was head down and puffing and wondering how E got so heavy, we go up this gentle hill:


This is the view to our right as we go up it:


Looking back the way we have come, nearly at the top:


E loves her buggy, and likes to sing as we go:


The view on the other side of the hill:


And then down a bit further (and playing with the panorama function on my camera):


As you can see – its quite rural!  I think we got passed by two cars in the hour I was out the day I took these snaps.  Quite peaceful really. 


One thought on “Out in the buggy

  1. Awwwwwwww you mean I have to move my butt and go take photos of what we see on our walks?Nothing as beautiful as yours I’m afraid nothing but houses around here lol

    I knew you lived in the whoops but that is serious whoops whoops teehee

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