Thank you Auntie Laura!

E received a beautiful christmas present from her  “Auntie” Laura – a lovely wee tea set decorated with fairy and flower designs.  At 19 months, E loves to play with her dollies, putting them to bed and tucking them in, putting them in her toy high chair and feeding them, putting them on toy potties and generally fussing over them.  So she has been having fun using the pretty tea set every day to feed her dolls :o)

 Yesterday Mum gave E afternoon tea outside with her tea set.  She put water in the tea pot and E had a lovely time pouring “tea” and generally getting very wet!







2 thoughts on “Thank you Auntie Laura!

  1. Lol. She liked pouring the water but missed the cup and drenched herself. Then she kept picking up the teapot and saying “more, more”. Too cute.

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