A tiny soaker

I haven’t been doing much knitting lately because, well its summer and its hot and I’ve been busy doing summer sort of things really, but I do always like to have a little project on the go even if I only pick it up now and then.  I had a small amount of the Utiku opal left so decided to make a newborn size soaker from it, just to have on hand as a pressie for when one of my many preggie friends has a baby girl.   I used the punk knitters pattern as usual, but I cast on 64 stitches to make it midway between a small and a nb size, as I’d heard the nb size with 56 stitches is really small. 

I figured I’d have enough yarn for something that little – wrong!  I ran out with one row of the last leg cuff still to go!  So I called on my many knitting friends for help cos I didn’t want to buy another 200g of Opal just for 2m of yarn! Luckily the lovely Gabes of SweetP Designs kindly sent me some opal that she had in her stash, and she even made the i-cord up for me which I really appreciated, because I hate making i-cord!  The i-cord thing is partly why I prefer enclosed elastic waistbands (that and wanting to avoid rib!) but I do think that a ribbed waistband is nicer for a little baby than elastic.

So here is the finished nb soaker, modelled by Pete (who is something like 20 years old and made by my mum!)




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