Dyeing session


Nearly a year ago I did a community education class on dyeing with Procion using ziplock bags.  Ever since then I’ve been wanting to have a go dyeing fabric at home, but  it wasn’t until yesterday that I finally got around to doing it.

My sister and I acquired some white cotton velour terry last year, with a view to dyeing it and using it for small fitted nappies.  Now neither of us is pregnant, but we (hopefully) will be at some stage so I figured I might as well get on with making a nappy stash now while I’m in the mood and have energy.

I cut the CVT into 50cm wide strips and laid out my nappy pattern on it – I could fit 6 nappies to each strip.  So I cut each strip into three, with each cut fitting in 2 nappies.  I’m a bit of a fabric miser so this involved some wiggly cutting!  Then I overlocked all the raw edges cos CVT frays a lot in the wash.  I have 5m to dye so that meant 30 curvy pieces to overlock – it was good practice for me though as I haven’t done much overlocking before.

 I want to make a rainbow of nappies, so yesterday I started with 9 pieces of the CVT.  I was aiming for a light, medium and dark shade each of yellow, orange and red.  I read the instructions I found here about 10 times.  I dug out the measuring cups and spoons that I’d bought for my community ed class, and once E was safely asleep in bed, started dyeing.  After the yellow and orange I thought the colours were looking deeper than I expected… thats when I looked at my measuring spoon again and realised that the one tablespoon measure I had been using was actually one and a half tablespoons!  I’d assumed that since it was the biggest spoon in the set that it was a tablespoon, but no, silly me.  Hmph. 

 The fabric still came out looking quite funky, just not quite the light to dark graduation that I’d anticipated.   I’ve cut out some small nappies from it already, and a few soaker pieces from the scraps.

Here is the yellow (lightest on the left and darkest on the right, can you tell?  Its not easy *insert rolling eyes emoticon*).  This is lemon yellow dye, its um, rather vibrant IRL!


The orange turned out more “burnt orange”.  Which is ok cos I like that colour.  I’m really pleased about how it turned out all mottled.


And here is the red.  I’d figured out my mistake by then, thank goodness!


And here are some close-ups of the funky splotchy bits:




5 thoughts on “Dyeing session

  1. I LOVE that first pic. Gorgeous. I’ve just done some Dylon dyeing and really should give Procion a go I guess. It’s hard to find a time when all little ones are not ‘helping’ or needing Mummy. They will make gorgeous naps, well done you

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