More dyeing

After the success of my first dyeing session I couldn’t wait to have another go.  So a couple of days later I dyed the rest of my cotton towelling velour – another 3.5m of it cut into 21 pieces, each to be dyed a different colour!  I’ve now cut each piece out into nappy patterns.

This is the result of both dyeing sessions (less 2 more colours which somehow got forgotten when I took the pic.)  The colours in this pic are more true than the rest of the photos, but IRL the colours are even brighter than this:


I used cerulean blue (which looks way nicer and more vibrant IRL – the fabric they are sitting on is a nice pale turquoise as in the first pic, not off white like it looks in the rest of the photos):


and aqua (which also looks darker IRL):


and bubblegum pink, which I don’t think I mixed in properly cos it came out a bit spotty in places:


This is lemon yellow + aqua, it came out just gorgeous IRL:


And this is lemon yellow + cerulean blue:


These were a bit experimental:

left: yellow + pink,

centre: blue + aqua

right: pink + aqua 

The pink was very very weak against the other colours, so I made some splotches by pouring it directly onto the fabric:


And these are

left: lots of basic red + a bit of cerulean blue,

centre: even amounts of red + blue,

right: red + aqua. 

I love the patterns on these but I’m not so keen on the actual colours:



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