Another couple of soakers

Well I haven’t had much to show off here lately, but thats not because I haven’t been crafting! I’ve been busy cutting out and sewing a nappy stash, but I don’t have any finished ones to show yet.

 But here are a couple of FOs, firstly a soaker for E made from the utiku yarn that I dyed last month.  I’m not really feeling the love for the colourway, but oh well its functional at least (its been worn so it looks a little stretched here):


And secondly a nb size soaker for a swap.  Its for a bubba whose flavour isn’t known yet, hence the two icords!  Its entirely possible that my swap-ee will see this here, but she won’t know she’s my swap-ee until she gets it so thats ok (I think) :o) This is in lovely Treliske merino (not the icords, they are scraps from my stash). I may have mentioned this before but I much prefer icords to elastic waists for little babies.  This soaker is kinda plain and it seems odd to me to leave wool like this undyed!  But its kinda nice and classic at the same time.



3 thoughts on “Another couple of soakers

  1. I like the white one, very classic. What width elastic do you usually use? I am doing a soaker atm and I think I will need to put elastic in the waist but not sure what to get 🙂

  2. Hi Gabes, I use elastic about 20mm wide (I think! its been a while since I bought any and I tend to just throw them at mum to put the elastic in!) I do try to get the stuff with vertical ribbing to prevent it folding over, it works well.

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