A bed for Ducky

I think I’ve mentioned before how E’s favourite game is wrapping up her toys in blankets.  Lately she has been having fun playing with our cat Tyler, she pushes him until he lies down and then covers him with a blanket and tucks her favourite toys in on either side of him!  Thankfully Tyler is very accommodating :o)   I’ll have to get  a photo of him tucked up with her toys, its very cute.

 This morning at Mum’s house I could hear E putting her wee Ducky to bed.  He is a very grubby and well loved toy, just the right size for little hands.  I was listening to her saying “nigh nise” in a kiwi accent, and “wrap up!” but when I peeked my head around the doorway I saw she was wrapping him up in tissues, with the entire contents of the tissue box spread over the floor! LOL.  Mum wasn’t impressed, so she disappeared into the attic to rummage through her old toy stash and returned with a wee doll’s carry cot which she had made for my sister over 20 years ago.  It was just the right size for Ducky, and E very proudly  carried it around the house saying “basket! nigh nise!” and stopping to kiss Ducky. awwwwwww.  She was toddling very carefully too, stepping high like a goose step and declaring that she was “walking!”

Here she is proudly showing off Ducky’s new bed:




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