E’s first pony ride

Despite the fact that I own two horses, E has only ever sat on a horse twice and a donkey once.  Then mum’s neighbour offered a pony for E to ride – so today we met Cricket and E had her first ever pony ride.  Cricket is around 10hh (I’m guessing!) and is a sweet little pony.  I don’t have a helmet or any gear for E yet, but as we don’t let go of her on the pony thats not too much of a problem at the moment.

Here is E meeting Cricket for the first time:



E was very excited!


And her first ride – I found it hard to get a nice pic with Cricket’s head up so she is just grazing here:



And E gave Cricket some carrots afterwards to thank her:



3 thoughts on “E’s first pony ride

  1. Ellie likes to pat my horses and she helps me mix up their feeds, but honestly I haven’t been pushing her into ponies, which is why she’s only ever sat on them twice. But yet she has lots of pony toys ( mostly vintage MLPs!) and she has a rocking horse which she loves. On Saturday afternoon after her ride she was trying to “ride” her favourite toy which is a little floppy knitted pony, she was sitting on it and squashing it – totally cracked me up!

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