E is for Ergo

Lately E has been going through a phase of loving her toy baby carrier – she calls it her “ergo”.  She stuffs a few toy ponies in it, and duckie too of course, and walks around counting them “one… three… five six seven!!!”

Her friend D came to visit today, I suspect her rather liked E’s new (to her) car!  Thankfully they are really good at sharing toys with each other :o)




E knows the word “penguin” but she prefers to call them “pingu” :o)

Yesterday mum showed E a 2 page spread of penguin photos in a magazine.  She decided to share the pics with her little friends…

Secret Swap!

In the weekend E received a gift from a Secret Swap I am doing with a group of friends.   It was a very cool gift, mostly handmade!

Check out Miss Messy Hair opening her gifts!

She got a funky nappy:

But wait, there was more…

A cool pants and top set:

Some stripey pants and a duck stamp and stamp pad :o)

The clothes fit perfectly and she was in need of some more trousers now that the weather is cooler :o)

Did you spot her favourite toy in all the photos? LOL


Dishrag Tag!

A while back a group of my knitting friends started a game of Dishrag Tag – basically you knit a dishcloth and send it on (with choccie!) to someone else, who then does the same for someone else etc.  On Saturday I got tagged by Lisa!  Its so nice getting lovely knitted surprises in the mail!  The choccie disappeared pretty darn quickly (I had help!) but here is the lovely dishcloth I received:

Unfortunately for me, this cloth might never make it to the kitchen, I think Someone has claimed it as a blankie for Duckie and Rabbit…

“Wrap im!”

I think I have mentioned before that E loves wrapping up her toys in blankets.  She says “wrap im!” which is supposed to mean “wrap up” we think, we are teaching her to say “wrap up” so the she actually makes sense.  Last night she said “wrap up… me!” which was very cute!

A few weeks back I picked up a bunch of polar fleece from a friend who was culling some of her fabric stash.  E never seems to have enough doll’s/toy’s blankets, so most of the fleece was used to make lots of extra blankets for her.  Mum helpfully overlocked the edges of them.  So now a blankie is never far from hand, which E loves.

Yesterday Jessie the cat was happily snoozing in the sun, but E must have thought she looked cold and lonely…

Jessie was clearly quite happy to snuggle up with pony and ducky…


Horse Expo!

I took E to the local horse expo in the weekend.  It wasn’t a particularly big event, but we both enjoyed it.  E carried around a toy horse and neighed a lot LOL.

Here she is watching the Icelandic horses – I don’t know why she is screwing up her nose!  (the riders are demonstrating their horses’ smooth gaits by carrying mugs of beer!)

And here is a Peruvian Paso