I haven’t posted lately…

because I’ve been busy moving!  So there hasn’t been much crafting to post about.

And while I have located my camera after the move, I haven’t yet found the cable to connect it to the computer, so photos aren’t a happening thing either.

But now that the moving is over (except for some unpacking yet to do) I’ve finally had time to sit down in the evenings and do a little knitting… which I must say is very pleasant in front of the woodburner (the last house didn’t have a fire!) with a kitty or two on my lap -in the last place the cats generally weren’t allowed in the living room, so this is a novelty too! 

I have been trying to finish some longies for E which I started months ago (blush!).  I like her to wear longies to bed but she has been wearing last winter’s longies and they are nearly up to her knees!  Its officially winter in a few more days so I am determined to finish this pair of longies for her by then.

And after that I have half an Odessa hat to finish, and 2 more Odessas to complete.  There are cold heads awaiting woolly comfort!

Oh and just because I like my posts to have photos, here is the view from my new bedroom window (taken before the move, obviously!):




Easy like Sunday morning…

Yesterday as I got out of the shower I could hear E had woken up and she was playing with the toys in her cot.  When I went in I found her sitting up with her toys lined up around her, and Duckie was riding Donkey.  She looked so cute I couldn’t resist a couple of photos…

She happily posed for a couple of pics and then bossily said “Come on!  Sack off!”

Her sleepsack is one Mum made from a Kwik-sew pattern.  The outer layer is a merino blend knit, and its lined with T-shirt fabric (I’m not sure if its cotton or poly-cotton).  Its a nice autumn weight sack :o)

Secret swap gift

Ok just to prove that I have been doing some crafting lately, here’s what I gave as a secret swap recently – I can show the pics now that the recipient has received it.

My giftee is expecting so I made some fitted nappies for the new babe.  The top two in the pic are small size and the lower two are newborn size.  They are all cotton velour, except for the orange one which is cotton towelling velour which I dyed with procion.


The internal soaker layer is 3 layers of cotton towelling velour, and I made a 3 layer hemp snap in soaker:

In order to make the snap in soaker faster to dry, I kinda made it in two pieces, joined together at the top:


Mum helpfully knit a pair of booties, and I sewed them up rather inexpertly *blush*

And then there was the soaker which I’ve already shown here.  Both booties and soaker were made from Treliske organic merino.

I’m moving!

I know I haven’t shown much crafting lately, but I have been doing little bits here and there.   But even the small amount that I have been doing is now on hold because we are moving house in just over a week!  I’m very excited because the new place has a big yard for E to run around in, and it comes with two tame chickens!  Oh, and this is the view from the living room:

Oh and it will have two spare bedrooms, so I can have my overlocker and the sewing machine set up in there! Wow, a craft room, how cool is that?