Secret swap gift

Ok just to prove that I have been doing some crafting lately, here’s what I gave as a secret swap recently – I can show the pics now that the recipient has received it.

My giftee is expecting so I made some fitted nappies for the new babe.  The top two in the pic are small size and the lower two are newborn size.  They are all cotton velour, except for the orange one which is cotton towelling velour which I dyed with procion.


The internal soaker layer is 3 layers of cotton towelling velour, and I made a 3 layer hemp snap in soaker:

In order to make the snap in soaker faster to dry, I kinda made it in two pieces, joined together at the top:


Mum helpfully knit a pair of booties, and I sewed them up rather inexpertly *blush*

And then there was the soaker which I’ve already shown here.  Both booties and soaker were made from Treliske organic merino.


One thought on “Secret swap gift

  1. Teehee thats what I ended up doing with my internal soakers teehee great minds think alike aye 😛 Such a cool pressie and I know how much the person who recieved them loves them!!!

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