I haven’t posted lately…

because I’ve been busy moving!  So there hasn’t been much crafting to post about.

And while I have located my camera after the move, I haven’t yet found the cable to connect it to the computer, so photos aren’t a happening thing either.

But now that the moving is over (except for some unpacking yet to do) I’ve finally had time to sit down in the evenings and do a little knitting… which I must say is very pleasant in front of the woodburner (the last house didn’t have a fire!) with a kitty or two on my lap -in the last place the cats generally weren’t allowed in the living room, so this is a novelty too! 

I have been trying to finish some longies for E which I started months ago (blush!).  I like her to wear longies to bed but she has been wearing last winter’s longies and they are nearly up to her knees!  Its officially winter in a few more days so I am determined to finish this pair of longies for her by then.

And after that I have half an Odessa hat to finish, and 2 more Odessas to complete.  There are cold heads awaiting woolly comfort!

Oh and just because I like my posts to have photos, here is the view from my new bedroom window (taken before the move, obviously!):




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