Toddler Mutant Ninja Turtle?

With the weather being so horrible lately, I have been wrapping E in a blanket when I dash between car and house.  This morning when I got her out of the car at my parent’s place and wrapped her up, she snuggled into the blanket and said “like a turtle!”  I didn’t know where that idea had come from so asked Mum, who said that yesterday they were talking about turtles carrying their houses on their backs.  So she got a cushion and tied it onto E’s back with a sash, and E happily played “like a turtle Mummy!” all morning:

I think I have mentioned before that E loves ponies.  Well the other type of animal that she adores is birds.  Any sort of bird.  She has a number of plush toy birds, and yesterday she stripped her dolls of all their clothes and nappies, and put them on her birds instead.  In the top picture above you can see she is carrying a fluffy toy – its actually a kookaburra wearing a nappy!

She has a Sylvanian Family of owls, which belong to my sister but E is privileged to be allowed to use them.    She calls them “hoots”.  The baby owls are TINY but E insists on them wearing clothes too.  She lined up all the chairs in her dolls house, and along with the dolls she sat the baby owls on the chairs, and a nightingale.  You many not quite be able to see but the owl in the highchair below is wearing a nappy!

She’s also a huge Wiggles fan, and lately her favourite song is the Birdy song.  I don’t know what its called but the Wiggles wear wings and flap their arms a lot while chirping.  So E insists on it being played over and over while she sings and flaps.  Here she is as a bird, concentrating on the Wiggles and flapping – the microfleece tied around her neck is her wings!

And just because, here are a couple of pics of E and D happily playing yesterday- Mum’s living room looks like a playcentre!

oh look, they are both holding birds! LOL



The Endless Longies finished at last!


The Endless Toddler Longies that took me several months have finally been finished!  Phew!

The yarn is Utiku mixed berry – I love this colourway but its been discontinued for over a year now.  I bought the yarn specifically for longies so these have been about 18 months in the making *blush*  I started out knitting one leg of a pair on flats, but never got any further.  Then in March this year I frogged that leg and started over with my pattern.

The inside leg measurement from the edge of the gusset to the bottom is 13.5 inches!  (no wonder I got bored!)  That includes a 2 inch 2×2 ribbed cuff, which is folded up for now but gives her room to grow.

I think I cast on 112 stitches (I can’t remember!  It was either that or 108 ) and as you can see they are fairly close fitting on her (not tight, but not baggy either).  And she is a miss skinny pins too, so for a chubbier 2 y/o you’d definately need to use 120+ stitches.  These took just under 200g, which was a relief!

No embroidery for these – I’m just pleased to get these finished, and tbh I’m rather sick of the sight of them!


Calorimetry pics as promised

Here it is!  E helpfully posed in the Calorimetry while Mum snapped some pics for me. 

The yarn is Cleckheaton Vintage Hues, and while I LOVE the colourway, I have to confess I find it a teensy bit scratchy. 

That doesn’t seem to bother E though, who has claimed the Calorimetry as her own – the other night when I put it on to go out to the paddock to feed the horses she threw a tantrum because it was her hat.  Thankfully she seems to have gotten over that, because I’m using it every night when I’m out with the horses, I always have a pony tail so its more comfortable than a beanie.  This is definately a pattern I’ll make again – starting with a smaller one for E…


Kids are so cute in sleepsuits!

and yet E rarely wears them, because I usually put her to bed in longies.  But last night A and I went out to dinner, so E spent the evening at her nana’s house.  And since all her longies were at home, E wore a pink sleepsuit to bed – and my goodness, how cute did she look!   This morning she didn’t want to take it off, so I let her keep wearing it.

She was fascinated with a library book which showed a picture of a baby in a pink sleepsuit too, she had to show me the book this morning – and we couldn’t resist some snaps!

And then she tried on another sleepsuit that she’d been given for her birthday from her Nana Colleen, and she helpfully posed in front of her doll’s house (another birthday present, from my mum).

And then she stayed in her snuggly birthday sleepsuit (“nice and soffffftttt!!!”) and played with her dolls


As for me, I’m nearly finished with her next lot of longies – which she desperately needs because the ones she is wearing at the moment are up to her knees!


Finding the knitting mojo

For the last few months my knitting mojo has mostly been away on holiday.  What with the excitement and distraction of getting my mare back from being broken in, being busy at work, packing to move, moving, unpacking, settling in… well there hasn’t been much time for knitting and even less motivation.  I’ve had a pair of longies for E on the needles since March *blush* and I’ve been sporadically snatching a few minutes here and there to work on them but to be honest working stocking stitch on  30cm circs on endless toddler legs is just getting a bit boring.  I’ve done about 3/4 of both legs, but I want to make them extra long with a couple of inches of ribbed cuffs, and I’m starting to look at them with dread!

So I decided that a new, quick project might persuade my mojo to return.  Spotlight had 50% off Cleckheaton Vintage Hues so I picked up a couple of balls in the weekend and scanned Ravelry for ideas.  I love that you can browse Ravelry by yarn!  Calorimetry seemed the perfect choice: something quick, something for me, something I’ve had on my list for a while.  Assisted by Ravelry comments, I decided to use 5.5mm needles and cast on 80 stitches. 

I’ve never knitted with anything bigger than 8ply before, so using 12ply was certainly a novelty – and I loved it!  I knitted my Calorimetry up watching The Scorpion King on Saturday night (not the best movie, but I quite like the odd sword and sorcery flick) plus a little bit of the late movie afterwards.  Yes I’m a slow knitter! And on flats I knit right-handed and I’m very awkward and take my hand off the needle to throw the yarn.  But I did finish it in one sitting, which is a new experience for me – and yes my mojo came back!  So now I want to make some wrist warmers to match :o)

I’ll post a pic soon, I still have to find the computer cable *rolls eyes*

Last night I did another couple of inches on the dreaded longies, and then put them aside and cast on some wee wrist warmers for E.  They are the first thing I have successfully cast on dpns with – I’ve tried before and failed! 



The other day D came to play with E, and as it was sunny Mum let them both run around in the yard.

They played chasey


And then they took time out to smell the flowers

And then they got all creative with the chalkboard

Which requires a lot of concentration as you can see

The masterpiece!:


Party pics!

In the weeks leading up to E’s birthday her favourite book has been a Little Golden Book about a baby’s first birthday, she absolutely loves it.  Its a pretty old book, it originally belonged to A as a kid, and it has gorgeous old fashioned illustrations.

The first line of the book says something like “wake up baby, its your special day” so thats what I said to E when I got her out of her cot on the morning of her party.  She responded by singing Happy Birthday to herself!

In the book the house is decorated with streamers and balloons and there are party hats on the table, and so I made sure that we had all of these at E’s party.  She particularly loved the hats, she’s been insisting we wear them every day since!  Here she is wearing her party hat and enjoying everyone singing Happy Birthday to her:

Here she is eating her birthday cake – it was a my Little Pony Cake made by her auntie.