Party pics!

In the weeks leading up to E’s birthday her favourite book has been a Little Golden Book about a baby’s first birthday, she absolutely loves it.  Its a pretty old book, it originally belonged to A as a kid, and it has gorgeous old fashioned illustrations.

The first line of the book says something like “wake up baby, its your special day” so thats what I said to E when I got her out of her cot on the morning of her party.  She responded by singing Happy Birthday to herself!

In the book the house is decorated with streamers and balloons and there are party hats on the table, and so I made sure that we had all of these at E’s party.  She particularly loved the hats, she’s been insisting we wear them every day since!  Here she is wearing her party hat and enjoying everyone singing Happy Birthday to her:

Here she is eating her birthday cake – it was a my Little Pony Cake made by her auntie.




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