Kids are so cute in sleepsuits!

and yet E rarely wears them, because I usually put her to bed in longies.  But last night A and I went out to dinner, so E spent the evening at her nana’s house.  And since all her longies were at home, E wore a pink sleepsuit to bed – and my goodness, how cute did she look!   This morning she didn’t want to take it off, so I let her keep wearing it.

She was fascinated with a library book which showed a picture of a baby in a pink sleepsuit too, she had to show me the book this morning – and we couldn’t resist some snaps!

And then she tried on another sleepsuit that she’d been given for her birthday from her Nana Colleen, and she helpfully posed in front of her doll’s house (another birthday present, from my mum).

And then she stayed in her snuggly birthday sleepsuit (“nice and soffffftttt!!!”) and played with her dolls


As for me, I’m nearly finished with her next lot of longies – which she desperately needs because the ones she is wearing at the moment are up to her knees!



2 thoughts on “Kids are so cute in sleepsuits!

  1. You could always do what we do…. longies under the sleepsuit 😉 Especially good for Z’s non-heated room and girls that don’t keep blankets on.

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