Calorimetry pics as promised

Here it is!  E helpfully posed in the Calorimetry while Mum snapped some pics for me. 

The yarn is Cleckheaton Vintage Hues, and while I LOVE the colourway, I have to confess I find it a teensy bit scratchy. 

That doesn’t seem to bother E though, who has claimed the Calorimetry as her own – the other night when I put it on to go out to the paddock to feed the horses she threw a tantrum because it was her hat.  Thankfully she seems to have gotten over that, because I’m using it every night when I’m out with the horses, I always have a pony tail so its more comfortable than a beanie.  This is definately a pattern I’ll make again – starting with a smaller one for E…



4 thoughts on “Calorimetry pics as promised

  1. OH fascinating! I’ve bumped Caliometry down on my queue because I don’t have the hair for it anymore – but I’d never thought of doing one for the toddler! Brilliant idea – I think I’ll steal it if you don’t mind 😉

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