The Endless Longies finished at last!


The Endless Toddler Longies that took me several months have finally been finished!  Phew!

The yarn is Utiku mixed berry – I love this colourway but its been discontinued for over a year now.  I bought the yarn specifically for longies so these have been about 18 months in the making *blush*  I started out knitting one leg of a pair on flats, but never got any further.  Then in March this year I frogged that leg and started over with my pattern.

The inside leg measurement from the edge of the gusset to the bottom is 13.5 inches!  (no wonder I got bored!)  That includes a 2 inch 2×2 ribbed cuff, which is folded up for now but gives her room to grow.

I think I cast on 112 stitches (I can’t remember!  It was either that or 108 ) and as you can see they are fairly close fitting on her (not tight, but not baggy either).  And she is a miss skinny pins too, so for a chubbier 2 y/o you’d definately need to use 120+ stitches.  These took just under 200g, which was a relief!

No embroidery for these – I’m just pleased to get these finished, and tbh I’m rather sick of the sight of them!



3 thoughts on “The Endless Longies finished at last!

  1. YAY glad that long longies are a nightmare for someone else too teehee thank goodness mine were only 9 inches not over 13 lol!!! Love the wool!

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