Toddler Mutant Ninja Turtle?

With the weather being so horrible lately, I have been wrapping E in a blanket when I dash between car and house.  This morning when I got her out of the car at my parent’s place and wrapped her up, she snuggled into the blanket and said “like a turtle!”  I didn’t know where that idea had come from so asked Mum, who said that yesterday they were talking about turtles carrying their houses on their backs.  So she got a cushion and tied it onto E’s back with a sash, and E happily played “like a turtle Mummy!” all morning:

I think I have mentioned before that E loves ponies.  Well the other type of animal that she adores is birds.  Any sort of bird.  She has a number of plush toy birds, and yesterday she stripped her dolls of all their clothes and nappies, and put them on her birds instead.  In the top picture above you can see she is carrying a fluffy toy – its actually a kookaburra wearing a nappy!

She has a Sylvanian Family of owls, which belong to my sister but E is privileged to be allowed to use them.    She calls them “hoots”.  The baby owls are TINY but E insists on them wearing clothes too.  She lined up all the chairs in her dolls house, and along with the dolls she sat the baby owls on the chairs, and a nightingale.  You many not quite be able to see but the owl in the highchair below is wearing a nappy!

She’s also a huge Wiggles fan, and lately her favourite song is the Birdy song.  I don’t know what its called but the Wiggles wear wings and flap their arms a lot while chirping.  So E insists on it being played over and over while she sings and flaps.  Here she is as a bird, concentrating on the Wiggles and flapping – the microfleece tied around her neck is her wings!

And just because, here are a couple of pics of E and D happily playing yesterday- Mum’s living room looks like a playcentre!

oh look, they are both holding birds! LOL



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