Pixie Murray

E watches rather a lot of Wiggles DVDs.  They are her favourite TV show.   The other day I realised she was probably watching far too much of it, when she burst out with “Hello, I’m Murray” while I was cleaning her teeth.  Of course I laughed, so the joke has continued. (Murray is the red Wiggle, for those of you not in the know ;o) )

That morning when I got her out of bed and plonked her on the floor to change her nappy she did a big stretch and I told her she looked like a starfish.  She disagreed.  I told her she was stretching out her arms and legs just like a starfish and Miss Contrary said “no, seahorse!”.  Which made me giggle too, so the next morning when I got her out of bed, ever the one to combine jokes, she stated “hello, I’m seahorse!”.  Followed by lots of giggling LOL

Later that day my mum presented E with a gorgeous cardie which she had just finished knitting.  Its in TWC amber and its just lovely.  It has a hood with a point on it, and Mum told E she looked like a pixie.  When mum took her to music class an hour later E was wearing red trousers, a red top and her amber cardie.  And she happily marched up to the other mothers there and announced “Hello, I’m pixie Murray!” *blush*  They probably thought my child is mad!  But at least she has a good imagination LOL

Here she is modelling the cardie yesterday (no she did not go out wearing pink and red together!)

And here is her pixie hood:

Oh and here she is holding her birthday present from my good friend J, who made it herself.  Its arms are linked together, I think it is meant to hang on a doorknob but it hasn’t had a chance because E has been playing with it.  She loves it – well its a bird so of course she does!   I love the frilly bloomers :o)  I’ll have to take a better photo of it, its very cool!  Thankyou so much Auntie J!!!






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