Odessa at last

When I first saw the odessa hat on Gabe’s blog, I knew I had to make one too.  Minus the beads, cos I’m not so sure about beads on headwear.  Anyway, I cast one on in gorgeous Sublime cashmere-merino, for Tammy

Well.  While the pattern was easy, I’m embarrassed to report that this hat took me about 3 times longer than it should have, because I kept making careless mistakes.  And then I didn’t discover the mistakes until 2 or 3 inches after I’d made them.  GAAAH!  I blame this on knitting late at night watching TV and not really concentrating on what I was doing (I was watching Series 1 of Roswell on DVD ok!  I was trying to follow that and not really thinking about my knitting!).

Anyway, I was very very very pleased to finish this yesterday, because I’ve actually knit enough stitches to make 2 of the darn things.   And now that its done I’m quite pleased with it, and more importantly, Tammy says she loves it.

It looks a little lumpy to me where I have started the decreases, but then again I haven’t blocked it either, cos I’m lazy.  Still, I figure if Tammy wears it enough the lumpy bits will stretch and even out?


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