Hand-dyed yarn swap!

When the lovely Kelly came up with the idea for a themed yarn swap between the knitters on TNN I just had to sign up immediately!    The swap had to include 100g of hand-dyed yarn, a suggested pattern, a recipe, a wee gift and something knitting related – all to fit with a theme.  Lots of fun!

I won’t tell you about my swap that I haven’t sent yet (I’ve dyed the yarn and its gorgeous IMHO, I’ve got a theme, a pattern, a recipe and a gift, and I just need to organise the knitting thingy part) but last night I was very pleased to find a wee package for me in the mailbox!  I love woolly mail!

The theme for the swap I received is A Taste of India:

 – The yarn is felted merino dyed in turmeric and paprika in shades of yellow – its just stunning!  yellow is not a colour yarn I normally use but this stuff is just beautiful and so soft!

– The pattern is a Sunrise Scarf – a lovely light lacey pattern.  There is no obligation to make the suggested pattern, but I think I’ll start the scarf and see how I like it anyway.

– The recipes are for dahl and lentil & vege curry (mmmmm, I love vegetarian curries!) 

– The gift is some incense sticks, which I have to confess are something I’ve never used before.  I suspect DH won’t be so keen on them (he moans that smelly candles give him headaches so I suspect he will moan even more about incense) so I will use them one night while he is on night shift and I’m relaxing home alone.

– The knitting stuff is a wee pair of scissors shaped like a bird and a little Indian zippered bag to keep them in.  These will come in very handy, as my yarn scissors keep getting stolen from my knitting bag for use in the kitchen!  Plus all my stitch markers and darning needles are currently stuffed in a ziplock bag that a pair of addi turbo needles came in, and its getting a bit tatty and is rather unsatisfactory really, so it will be nice to have a wee bag just for my bits and pieces.


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