I *HEART* Calorimetry

My favourite thing to knit lately has been Calorimetry – its so quick and satisfying! Yesterday E modelled my lastest knits for me (in her highchair and wearing a bib – the easiest way to get her to sit still enough to snap!)

Calorimetry #4 – its for my mum and is Cleakheaton Vintage Hues:


Calorimetry #5

A good friend of mine is moving this month from Auckland down to chilly Christchurch –  not a move I’d want to make in the icy grip of winter!  She’s bought extra heavy rugs for her horses, and I knew that as a pony-tail wearer the Calorimetry would be a perfect farewell gift.  I used Patons Jet on 5mm needles, with 88 stitches:


Calorimetry #6:

My friend has a daughter about 6 months older than E, so I made her a Calorimetry too.  Its also Patons Jet, this time with 68 stitches:


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