I can cable!

I’ve always meant to learn to cable, but never quite got around to it.  So when I found the Nottingham beanie on Ravelry I figured it would be a good chance to learn.  E needed a nice warm hat anyway and winter is far from over so she should get a few months use out of it.

I used Paton’s Jet on a 4.5mm 40cm circular, and cast on the middle size of the pattern.  I watched a couple of videos on knittinghelp.com and then sat down on Saturday to knit, watching the Olympics of course!  I love the Olympics – and what a perfect excuse to do nothing but knit! 

E is very happy with her purple “Jeff Hat”, its actually a bit lighter IRL than it looks in the photos.  The Jet is lovely and soft and very warm.

I’m not really a fan of chunky cables but I am so pleased with the look of these single stitch cables.  I’ll definately be using this pattern again :o)


6 thoughts on “I can cable!

  1. Wahoooooooooooooooooooooo cables are way easier than ya think aye!!!! and very Jeff 😀 someone in this house has got hooked in the wiggles in the last week lol

  2. The hat looks really FAB.. You have also inspired me to knit a calorimetry, I had a look on Knitty last night for the pattern, just gotta figure out short rows and I’m away!!!

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