TNN dyed yarn swap goodies!

Well my swappee Nikki has got her package now, so I can show you the rest of it.  With a bit of help from the lovely Kelly, I chose the theme of West Wind Drift and it was rather educational!  (well for me anyway, I don’t know if Nikki already knew all about ocean currents!) I prepared a wee document to explain the theme, and this is what I wrote:

The West Wind Drift is another name for the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, a circular ocean current (also known as a gyre) which flows from west to east around Antartica.  The West Wind Drift is the dominant current of the Southern Ocean and connects the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. It keeps warm ocean waters away from Antarctica, enabling Antartica to maintain its huge ice sheet.  It strongly influences regional and global climate as well as underwater biodiversity.

The colourway of your yarn is inspired by the swirling teal hues of spiraling ocean gyres and the colours of the Southern Ocean


For the pattern I chose spirogyra (see how it matches the theme? huh? huh?  I thought that was pretty cool and I DON’T take credit for that cos Kelly made the connection with the ocean gyres)

For the yarn I wanted something soft but strong that wouldn’t pill or felt, since its for wristwarmers.  So I chose a machine washable crepe yarn, Patons Merino Totem.

For the recipe I chose a fish cake recipe of my dad’s and renamed it Southern Ocean Fish Cakes, cos well “curried fish cakes” just isn’t very exciting, and sounds a bit blah.  But really they are very yummy.

For the knitting gift I made dpn protectors, from a scrap of felt, some embroidery floss, some hat elastic and two shell buttons for decoration.  I got the idea from this tutorial but I modified it slightly by attaching the elastic to the felt at both ends, because I figured that if they were separate it would be easy to lose one.  The buttons disguise the stitch to hold the elastic as well as look nice and tie in with the theme.

The other gifts were a bar of “sea vegetable” soap from Lush (and I discovered that their mail order office is about 200m down the road from my work!  sweeeeeet!) and some Guylian seashell choccies (cos any sea-themed gift has to have chocolate seashells, right?)

Here it all is together (the yarn looks a bit bright in this pic though cos the light was a bit funny):



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