Ravelympics update

I’ve finished Dashing, and before the Closing Ceremony has even started!  woot!

They still need to be blocked  but that can wait.  E was happy to model them for me (photos taken with a flash though, so the colour is a bit too bright).  They still need to be blocked (they are curling a little at the ends) but overall I’m pretty happy with them.

  As you can see, they turned out looking quite different, thats Vintage Hues for you.

hmmmm, I cast off the right one on 5mm needles to make sure that the bind-off was stretchy, but its curled back all funny.  I thought I had done the left one the same but maybe I hadn’t, cos it hasn’t got the curl thing happening.   On further reflection, I think I only did the left thumb on the 5mm, not the hand cast-off.  Ooops!  Hopefully blocking will sort that out.


3 thoughts on “Ravelympics update

  1. Cute! Love the colour of those (probably not something I would chose from the ball but really like it knitted up now seeing those…might have to get some)

  2. Thanks guys! I thought the colour on the ball was ghastly and didn’t know what my sister was thinking LOL, but these look really cool IRL and the colour is much nicer in daylight. Its not a colour you want to wear next to your face but for hands or accessories (a bag perhaps?) its nice. Hmmm, I do have a bit left over, I wonder if there is enough for a wee bag…

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