Baby stuff

A good friend had a wee baby boy a week ago, so I interupted my Ravelympics efforts to whip up a pair of bootees to go with his gift (good grief, its not as if I didn’t have 8 months notice to make him something!  How slack am I?)

Anyway, this is my first ever pair of booties, made to a Shepherd booklet pattern.  I enjoyed knitting them but not the seaming!  Yet another reason to learn magic loop I think!  Anyway, the yarn is some baby wool that was given to me, and I dyed it with Americolor gels in practice for my yarn swap.  The colour is a little bright in this photo, you have to trust me that they look COOL in real life :o)

And these newborn longies are for my nephew who will arrive in October.  I actually made these a while ago, I just haven’t shown them until now.  His baby shower is this weekend so at least I feel a little bit organised, although I want to make a hat to go with them, and booties if I have time.  The colour in this pic is a bit too dark (why is it so hard to photograph knitting?).  The fabric underneath is actually white.  A thought the flecks of pink and purple are too girly for a baby boy, but I figure that a newborn can carry it off!  I made the legs extra long by adding a ribbed cuff that can be turned up. 


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