because aunties are fun


It must be spring

I’d never send wisteria IRL before, until recently when the vines tangled around the pickets surrounding our old deck suddenly burst into flower.  I’m no photographer by any means, but on a glorious spring morning I couldn’t help but take a few pics.

The honey bee looked happy

You are my sunshine…

E and I have a 40 minute drive home every night after I pick her up from my mum’s, and every night (and morning!) we either sing nursery ryhmes and songs, or we listen to them on cd.  Last night was a singing night, E sang all the way home.  And it occurred to me that I should get some video of her singing – actually I haven’t taken much video of her at all this year, cos stills are easier.

Anyway, when we got home I went hunting for the video camera and couldn’t find it (no wonder we don’t take much video of her!) but I “found” the video function on my still camera so I used that instead.  So here is E singing You Are My Sunshine, only I was a bit slow and missed the first two words – doh! 

And yes, that is her favourite top!

Nana C gets knitting

I think my knitty-ness has been rubbing off on people.  After a bit of encouragement from me, my younger sister has picked up a pair of needles and I’m teaching her to knit – yay!!!   She is expecting her first bubba in March, so she is getting started on soakers and longies.  I can’t wait for her to find out what flavour the bubba is (oh please be pink so that I can knit girly things!)

E’s Nana C has also picked up some needles, for the first time in many years.  This colourful creation is the result!

Its very warm and cosy and quite big yet, so no doubt she will get lots of use out of it as it will fit her next winter.  I have to be honest and say I’m not 100% sold on the mismatched stripes, I guess I am the sort of person that likes order and symmetry and IMO stripes are supposed to match!  (Sorry Nana C, but I guess you aren’t surprised! LOL).  Nana C did the stripes like that on purpose, cos she is not anal about symmetry like I am and she likes the random-ness of them.  A says he likes the stripes because they are non-conformist, I guess he must take after his mother!

Dish rag tag

You may remember that I got ‘tagged’ in an online swapsie game of Dish Rag Tag aaaaages ago.  Well its taken me several months to fulfil my part of the tag *blush* but I’ve finally gotten around to tagging someone.  I made a Lacy Butterfly Dishcloth, on some cotton from Spotlight on 4.5mm needles.  I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to doing it, because it was a very enjoyable knit.

Booties for baby Ash

I made these booties a couple of weeks ago, they were supposed to be ready for (my nephew to be) baby Ash’s baby shower but then I got a miserable cold and didn’t go, and they have been sitting around ever since waiting for one to be sewn up and the cords to be made.  I finally finished them off yesterday.

They are made to match the wee nb longies I showed here a while back.  I made the longies extra long with cuffs that turn up, which is just as well because poor wee Ash will be in hospital for a couple of weeks after he is born.