Mum has been sewing

and look what she made!  cool huh?

Yes she has a Brother Disney embroidery machine 🙂



My child is such a poser, you can’t tell from these pics that she was actually crying and whining and wanting to be picked up cos she was tired.  But we told her to smile for the camera so she did for about 5 seconds LOL.


Ravelympic longies

I finished them at last!  They took me a lot longer than I had hoped, but I kinda lose motivation doing the long long legs *blush*  Next time I come up with the bright idea of doing longies to fit a 2.5 y/o someone talk me out of it ok?

I am very pleased with the final result though, they look loads nicer IRL than they do in the photos.  I don’t know why the photos look kinda blurry and washed out, but Mum took them so I’ll blame her 😉

I did a picot cast-off for the cuffs, just to make them a bit girly and cos I’d never done picot edge before and I wanted to learn something new.


btw thats a duck mask on her head, not a daft looking hat.

Look what Adam made!

Yesterday Adam got busy and built this cool swing for Elliott 🙂  We got the swing seat aaaaages ago (like way back when I was pregnant I think, or maybe even before that?)  The wood is recycled, so the only thing he had to buy was the eyelet bolts and some marine-grade rope.  Ellie loves it!

He still has to paint it, and I plan to plant some flowers underneath each post.  I think it would be neat to plant something that climbs, but it has to be something that doesn’t get too bushy – any ideas on what I might plant?

We all scream for ice-cream!

I’m planning on knitting E some play food for Christmas, and I started with this icecream.  I think its super cute, and it was quick and easy too – knit in two pieces in the round, so the only seaming was a running stitch to join the scoop to the cone.  I found the pattern on ravelry 🙂  I’m definately going to knit more of these! 

I’ve taken a photo with my hand so that you can see the cone is life-size.

All the pretty little horses

Well we’ve been sick.  bleurgh.  We suspect it was the norovirus that is going around Auckland at the moment, but whatever it was it was nasty.  So anyway, thats why I haven’t updated this blog since the weekend.

Tonight when E got home she put her little Duckie to bed in the doll’s cot under a mountain of blankets and told me that Duckie was sick.  And then she started singing to him and it was so cute I had to whip out the camera.  And then of course she got all self conscious, but she obliged me by singing the song for the camera.  And then I realised that I hadn’t pressed record, and had to convince her to do it again, which she did but even more self consciously and a little reluctantly.  So, sorry, this wasnt the best “take” but its what I got on camera.  Except for the first word which I managed to miss.  again.

She’s singing a lullaby thats on a CD Nana Colleen gave her, she hasn’t quite got all the words yet and kept singing “when you wake you shall have all the sleepy little babies” so I corrected her and told her it was “you shall have all the pretty little horses” so there is a hitch in her song while she tries to remember the line, but I think she did well anyway. 

If you don’t know it, the song goes


Dont you cry

Go to sleepy little baby.

When you wake

You shall have

All the pretty little horses

And if I knew how to reformat the line spacing I would!

Anyway here it is (you will have to turn the sound up a bit, but turn it down after she sings cos I talk and thats loud cos, well I’m closer to the microphone).

We have a chick!

When we moved to this place the previous tenants left us a hen and a rooster, and a rabbit hutch for a hen house.  This is Caruso, he looks a bit beady-eyed but he is actually very friendly and doesn’t mind being picked up for cuddles.  He is a bit too nosy at times, and he is inclined to come into the house for a look around if we leave a door open.


This is Rosetta, she’s a little bit more shy than Caruso but she is very sweet and gentle.  You know, for a hen.

A couple of weeks ago Rosetta went broody and sat on an egg.  Thats right, one egg.   It seemed like a lot of trouble to go to for just one egg!  This morning when I checked on her I discovered the egg has hatched.  Very exciting!

As you can see, Rosetta doesn’t peck!  yay!  She didn’t even mind me reaching underneath her to find the chick so that we could take some pictures.  I discovered that it is very nice and warm and soft and fluffy under a mother hen.  I can see why chicks like being under there.

E already loves Rosetta and Caruso, and she is pretty darn pleased about the chick too.  Although she didn’t really like holding it, mind you it was very wriggly.