This is not a knitting post

I haven’t shown much knitting lately have I?  Which isn’t to say I haven’t been doing any, its just been going very slowly and I don’t have much to show for it.   I still have one leg to go on E’s ravelympic longies, and I have a wee soaker on the needles too.  And another project but thats a secret for now.

But there has been crafting going on, trust me!

In fact, A made this picnic bench for us this week.

I’m so proud of him, its made entirely from recycled wood – the planks used to be our carport at our old place.  He had to plane it and smooth it all before he could use it.  The brown stain is some old stuff he had sitting around, and the red paint was a premix he found on the bargain table at Mitre 10 (cost less than a 1/3 of getting the colour he really wanted made up.)  But I think it looks rad, you can’t really tell in the pic but the wood is quite chunky so its really solid.  We had to buy some nails and some bolts and 2 tins of paint so it cost around $50 total – sweet!  

He wants to make a matching mini one for E for christmas 🙂

And here are some pics of my “vege garden”.  Its an old concrete laundry tub with a bit of wire mesh around it to keep out the chooks.  When Dad plants his big garden at his house he’s gonna let me use a corner of that to grow a few things, but I thought it would be nice to have some salad greens and herbs at home.

I’ve got silverbeet on the left and lots of lettuce.  On the right side of the tub is some coriander and chives, a few more silverbeet and a very unhappy looking basil that is just starting to perk up.  I think I fried the basil a bit cos it lived on my kitchen windowsill for a while, and it got attacked by some bugs and went all pale, but the new leaves are looking a bit healthier so I’m hoping it will recover.  I still have some space left for more herbs, I want to put in some sage and thyme.

The lettuces are quite close together but I plan to pick individual leaves for salads, rather than growing them into big heads.


3 thoughts on “This is not a knitting post

  1. Wow! I love the table – AND the recycled use of both the wood and the laundry tub! Shame I don’t have our old tub around, I’m very keen to start a veggie garden (again :-S)

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