We have a chick!

When we moved to this place the previous tenants left us a hen and a rooster, and a rabbit hutch for a hen house.  This is Caruso, he looks a bit beady-eyed but he is actually very friendly and doesn’t mind being picked up for cuddles.  He is a bit too nosy at times, and he is inclined to come into the house for a look around if we leave a door open.


This is Rosetta, she’s a little bit more shy than Caruso but she is very sweet and gentle.  You know, for a hen.

A couple of weeks ago Rosetta went broody and sat on an egg.  Thats right, one egg.   It seemed like a lot of trouble to go to for just one egg!  This morning when I checked on her I discovered the egg has hatched.  Very exciting!

As you can see, Rosetta doesn’t peck!  yay!  She didn’t even mind me reaching underneath her to find the chick so that we could take some pictures.  I discovered that it is very nice and warm and soft and fluffy under a mother hen.  I can see why chicks like being under there.

E already loves Rosetta and Caruso, and she is pretty darn pleased about the chick too.  Although she didn’t really like holding it, mind you it was very wriggly.


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