dscf1135The lady who I got the currant bun pattern from also very kindly sent me her doughnut pattern.  So I had to make some of these for Ellie for Christmas too.  These were also lots of fun to knit, very easy and look cool (well I think so!) 




Five Currant Buns in the Bakers Shop

Ellie loves the Currant Buns song, so I’ve made her five currant buns for christmas.  I got the pattern from a lovely UK lady on Etsy (will add the link later).  These were fun to make!  The ‘currants’ are french knots.




Fabric Dyeing

Aaaaages ago Sally and I bought some cheap white flannelette.  I cut it into lengths big enough for a large baby wrap, and and Mum helpfully overlocked it all. We’ve been meaning to dye it for months, and we finally got around to it this weekend.  We also dyed some natural coloured velour from Greenbeans, which we cut into 50cm strips because it will be used to make baby wipes.

We dyed it yesterday (with procion) and I washed it all out this afternoon, and here it is on the line this evening – the light was going so the photos are a bit dim.  The colours didn’t come out quite as vibrant as I’d hoped, and I’m a bit disappointed with the orange and red ones.  Mind you, its for baby wraps and wipes so pastel colours are probably a good thing really. The really splotchy red+yellow one was dyed with a different technique and came out looking quite cool I think.



Tonight E wanted to have a go in her “cool swing”

So I went out and pushed her and we enjoyed the lovely evening.  And I grabbed the camera to show off the view from E’s swing 🙂   The light was going and I had to use the handycam which I’m not very good at taking stills with, so the pics don’t look great, but you get the idea. 



I bet not many 2 year olds have a view like this from their backyard swing!


FO: lace up wristwarmers

A while back I did a secret santa swap with some online friends; we decided that we’d make it easy on ourselves by doing it well before Christmas.  I blogged about the cool pressie E and I got here.

For my giftee I knew exactly what I wanted to make – these rad wristwarmers that I’d seen on Ravelry.  But the pattern is in a book, which I don’t want to buy and isn’t in my local library.  But Google was my friend and I located the book in a library down in Wellie somewhere, and my friend Beck very helpfully arranged for her mum, who was local to that library, to go and copy it for me!  So thankyou Beck and Beck’s mum, you were lovely!

I used some Shepherd 4ply (less than 50g!) for this project, and I have to confess having some trouble knitting it at night in my rather dim living room!  I made a lot more mistakes than I normally do in a piece of knitting (dropped stitches etc) that I put down to the fact that it was in black 4ply. 

I also had no end of trouble modifying the pattern.  The pattern seemed a little narrow to me, but I cast it on and did a couple of inches and decided that yes it was definately too narrow.  So I ripped back and started again.  Now the only way that I can explain what happened next is that I must have been Very Tired.  Because when I cast on again I kept losing a stitch in the 2nd row.  Over and over again.  The first stitch on the first row is a slipped stitch, and it kept disappearing when I got to the end of the 2nd row.  It hadn’t happened the first time I cast on, so I couldn’t figure out what was going wrong.  And then I remembered that the first time I cast on, I’d forgotten to slip the first stitch.  So I figured that whoever wrote the pattern mustn’t have used a cable cast on, and it was the cable cast on and slipping the first stitch that was causing the stitch to disappear.  So I cast on for the seventh time (*blush*) and knit the first stitch instead of slipping it, and it worked.  Phew!

The pattern required other mods too.  The pattern has the glove as just a rectangle with no shaping, but my arms aren’t cylindrical and I don’t imagine my giftee’s arms are either, so I wanted to make it wider at the top and do some decreases towards the wrist.  A lot of the finished projects photos on Ravelry showed the ribbon laced tighter at the wrist than higher up the arm, and I wanted my ribbon to look the same width right down the arm.

So to start with I used the mods shown here but I cast on two fewer stitches, just because.  When I got down to the wrist I decided I didn’t like the darts that the shaping made, but I finished off the glove anyway because I wanted to see how it would look finished.  And finished, I still didn’t like the look of the shaping, and it sort of puckered at the wrist too.

So for the 2nd glove I did the shaping on either side of the seed stitch border, in the hope that this would reduce the puckering.  I got down to the wrist and decided I hated the look of the decreases, so I ripped the whole thing back.

For my 3rd try, I spaced out the decreases a lot more, to make the shaping harder to see.  I’ll put my changes on Ravelry rather than bore you with them here! 

So then I had to go back to the 1st glove and rip it back to before the decreases (ie I frogged 3/4 of it!) and work it all again.  By which time I was thoroughly sick of the whole thing! LOL.  Yes I had to do a couple of mindless soakers in the middle of this project, cos it was starting to do my head in.

So anyway, FINALLY, only two months late (sorry Jayce!) and without further ado, I give you the Criss-Cross Gloves:

argh, and now I see that I didn’t lace them up very evenly.  But you get the idea.  Because black is hard to photograph you can’t really see the seed stitch border, but trust me these look funky IRL!

I elfed my daughter!

Man, I wish I could work out how to embed this to my blog!  I tried but it wouldn’t work.

So anyway, if you click here you will see E as a christmas elf 🙂  Well, as five christmas elves actually.  It takes a few seconds to load but its so funny!