Currently I’m knitting some shorties using the helix stripe method – I found it on grumperina’s blog.   Its basically stripes that are only one round wide, and the colours spiral down so there are no colour jogs (cos knitting in the round naturally creates a spiral.)  I love the way these are turning out, I think helix stripes are my new favourite thing!

I took these pics a couple of days ago, actually I have only one leg to go on these shorties and then I’m done, so hopefully will get them finished tomorrow.  The yarn is Cleckheaton Country that I picked up on sale at K-Mart.



You  can see where I have started the blue yarn, and how it continues as a spiral.  Pretty nifty huh?  The only tricky thing is getting the tension right where you drop one colour and pick up another.  I think I’ve been pulling too tight cos you can feel/see a line where the stitches are tighter.  darn.



7 thoughts on “w.i.p.

  1. You’re meant to put a link in hun….now I have to go and hunt it out myself, lol! The shorties look great btw – are they for Ash?

  2. Nat its easier than the jogless jog, cos you literally just drop one colour and pick up the next colour. So no fiddling about with the stitch from the previous round. And it looks cleaner too cos there is no jog at all 🙂

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