Clevedon A&P Show

Yesterday we took Ellie down to the A&P show at Clevedon, where Nana C had a stall (promoting her Valley Voice publication).  Ellie was a very lucky girl – her nana bought her a new sunhat (Ellie chose it!) and a new tutu and they are BOTH purple LOL.  The stall owner who sold the tutus and hats gave Ellie a lovely purple fairy wand as well!  She was very happy and kept saying “I LOVE purple!”  🙂   Yes that is her favourite Jeff Wiggle top she is wearing, its a bit hard to get it off her at the moment, although she will concede to release it every now and then to be washed.



She only wore the tutu for a few minutes, honest, we were just checking the size.  No I didn’t let my daughter wander all over the show wearing jeans and a tutu!  Although we did go over to the stall where they came from to thank the nice lady there.

The stall next to Nana C’s sold lovely wooden things imported from Thailand.  Ellie loved the rocking horse (although personally I don’t like its head at all.  But then, as a horse owner, I am fussy about stuff like that)


She was also fascinated by these birds, which had a sensor-activated noise thingy so the birds chirped – thats the black thing Ellie has her finger on to make them chirp.a-p-show-013

Of course there was all the usual A&P stuff too buts thats all the photos I have for now.  If you ask Ellie she will tell you that her favourite part of the show was the ducks in the farmyard.  It was a petting farm, Nana C took her in and apparently she bowled up to a mob of 4 or 5 lambs and started patting them all and sang Mary Had a Little Lamb to them!


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