I might have mentioned that a couple of months ago I taught my sister to knit.  She made one soaker (which I am currently sewing up for her, I think she got a bit fed up with it!) but then I talked her into buying some cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills to make some dishcloths… and now she is slightly obsessed with making them LOL.  This is all good because it means (hopefully) I’ll get some lovely dishcloths for Christmas!  They are a good project for a beginner because they are so quick – Sally has been churning them out at the rate of one a day, by knitting on the ferry to and from work and in between phone calls at her Customs call centre job LOL

She made a couple for Elliott and gave them to her on Saturday – these aren’t “dishcloths” though, they are Duckie blankets 🙂

There is an E for Ellie



and a rooster, because Ellie has a thing for birds (had ya noticed? LOL)



As you can see they are the perfect size to wrap up Duckie and Pukie (Pukeko)


Ellie and some of her birds:



6 thoughts on “Dishcloths!

  1. Ellie looks pleased with her nw blankets – the perfect toddler gift! Well done Auntie Sally 😀 Gorgeous colours too – I love the Bendigo cotton.

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