My little princess

This princess dress and cape set is a creation of my mum’s.  I think she got the sparkly fabric off a lady on TNN – it used to be the skirt of an evening dress.  I can’t remember who Mum said she got it off, but anyway thank you TNNer whose name I can’t recall!

Mum modified a couple of patterns from the 70s to make the dress, and she just made up the cape without a pattern.  The pink fabric is some stuff I had in my stash that I’d found on the $1 table at Spotlight, and I believe the pink ribbon used on the bodice was some stuff I nicked from Jodie’s stash (thanks Jodes!)




I love the puff sleeves, they are kinda like Snow White sleeves.  The silver stripes are just pieces of the skirt fabric.



One thought on “My little princess

  1. No worries. Did I tell that the ribbon was a roll that my mum bought to make hair ribbons for me when I was little – it’s 34 years old!

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