Fireworks night

Guy Fawkes night is not something that we’ve ever celebrated, although I do remember enjoying watching fireworks as a kid.  Fireworks may be fun but the historical purpose of the “celebration” is not one that I think worthy of commemoration for over 400 years.  And knowing how idiots + fireworks = kids and animals getting hurt, I’d be quite happy with fireworks being banned from private use.

Having said that, I took Ellie to a public fireworks display the weekend before Guy Fawkes night and she loved it.  So we decided to have a family bbq last weekend and to set off some fireworks for Ellie (geez I’m a hypocrite, huh?).  But not being idiots, we used them in a safe and controlled manner.  And Ellie LOVED them.  She had a great time with sparklers:




She was well rugged up to watch the fireworks A set off – here she is on Nana C’s lap watching them, look at her eyes! LOL





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