Sunshine soaker

 With Christmas finally over, I was a bit stumped as to what to knit – too hard to decide after the pressure of Christmas was removed!  So I went to my fallback pattern, when I want to knit but don’t want to think –  a punk knitters soaker.  This one is for my sister, and I’d promised to make it for her from this yarn a while ago.  Her baby is due in March and I have a project list a mile long of the things I want to make for her, so it was nice to check one off the list.

I used the yarn I’d received in the TNN hand-dyed yarn swap.  The pattern suggested for it was a scarf, but I don’t think I have the attention span for scarves, so my sister had asked for me to make a soaker from it for her.  It will match some yellow towelling velour that I dyed aaaages ago, that will become fitted nappies.  The yarn is 8ply felted merino, dyed with paprika.  Its lovely soft yarn and I enjoyed using it. The soaker is gonna need a couple of washes before it is worn, I discovered that after a while my fingers were starting to turn yellow LOL.  The waist and cuffs are just some cream cleckheaton country. 

I think it needs to be embellished but I can’t decide on a design, so it can sit in my project bag for a bit while I think about it.

I still have 50g of the lovely yellow yarn left, and I can’t decide what to do with it!



For Christmas E got the most gorgeous gift from my friend J.  For E’s birthday J made her Mummy Duck which E adores, so to feed E’s bird obsession for Christmas J made her this darling wee owl and 4 weeny owlets!!!!  Squeeee!  Are they too cute or what!!!  Owly has an applique heart patch on her butt too 🙂


Evangeline Gloves

For Christmas I decided to make my SIL K some wristwarmers.  I’d always admired these lovely Evangeline Gloves made by Gabes, and as I had some of the same yarn in my stash that Gabes used, I decided to be a total copycat and make some for my SIL – I’ve even used the same colour!

They turned out great!  Well I think so anyway, and I know K likes them cos she has been wearing them despite the fact that its the middle of summer! LOL

These were made in Patons Jet, and I used my 4mm 30cm circulars.  The only thing I was a little disappointed with was the thumb, I thought it was a bit narrow/tight at the base of the thumb.  If I made them again I think I’d change the way the thumb is made  – the way Gabes suggested looks good, I should have just done that!


E helpfully modelled them for me so that I could get a pic of both of them.  Eek, the cast off join is a bit obvious, but I guess thats a bit unavoidable in 12ply.


Dorothy the Dinosaur

I haven’t updated this blog in a while because all my crafting lately has been christmas gifts, and I couldn’t show them before they were given!  Now that christmas is nearly over, I will start showing what I have been up to.

In the meantime, here is E in a Dorothy the Dinosaur outfit made for her for Christmas by her clever Nana C.  It has a hat, detachable tail, ballet shoes and wee tutu!


Sally’s first soaker

When my sister decided to take up knitting a couple of months ago, I got her working on a soaker for her first piece of knitting.  Its on flats, I figured it was a good way to learn the basics.  She finished the knitting part ages ago, and then I very kindly sewed it up for her ;o)  Its been sitting around waiting for a cord, and I finally got around to crocheting one the other day.  I think she did great for her first FO!  She’s a bit of a perfectionist so there are no mistakes in it, cos she goes back and fixes those (good!  I hate it when beginners just leave mistakes as they are!  I can’t bear that myself LOL)

Its a small size I think (trying to remember cos she cast on ages ago!), and is unisex cos her bubs is a surprise still – hopefully it won’t be a surprise after this week though ;o)


Wraps and wipes

My sister has been busy making wipes from the cotton velour we dyed the other weekend.  She backed them with some printed flannelette  and they look cool.  She did about 40 of them so she’s certainly not going to run out! (her bubs is due in March).  These are the velour sides:




And this is what she used to back most of them


And here are some wraps that I dyed at the same time: