Waiuku Christmas Display

We went to the Waiuku Christmas Display yesterday and E loved it!  It was in a little church hall in Waiuku, which is not somewhere we’ve ever been before (well it is MILES away from where we live!) but it was worth the drive cos we all had a great time, particularly E!  We went with Nana C, and dressed E in her christmas tree costume as part of the fun.

Basically the display is put on by a couple of local families, who started collecting animated santas as a hobby, and whose collections grew as the families tried to out-do each other.  Eventually they had collected so much stuff they decided to display it for the public, which is very nice of them, and they have been doing it every December for the last five years.  They only ask for a gold coin donation, which is no doubt to cover the cost of the hall hire, and its open Thurs-Sun until Christmas.

Its only in a little hall, but there is so much stuff that you keep finding new things to look at.  We were there for an hour and we still didn’t get a good look at absolutely everything.  Apparently there are 500+ santas!  We were lucky because there weren’t many visitors when we went (we were surprised cos we thought it would be packed!).  Apparently it gets busier before christmas though, yesterday was the first day it opened.

We took some photos but only had a little point-and-shoot digital camera, and it was a bit hard with the lighting.  Because lots of the toys lit up, the lighting was dimmed a bit in the hall, so without using the flash the photos are a bit fuzzy cos the camera struggled to focus in the dim light, but with the flash you kinda don’t get the cool ambience of all the lit-up toys. 

The families running the display all gushed over E in her costume, they thought she was adorable!   E was squealing in delight, at times she was shaking with excitement! (I think thats what she’s doing in the pic below, with her fists clenched!  She’s watching a ski slope thingy that she was totally into)


There was a reindeer head mounted on the wall, and it talked and moved!  It has a speaker  and a microphone if you know what I mean, so it called E over and was chatting to her.  E thought it was great, although she did keep looking over her shoulder at the lady talking into the microphone LOL. (look, more clenched fists!)


There were lots of fibre-optic trees:dscf1180copy



This is what E was looking at in the first pic – at the bottom of the tree is a wee ski slope, it takes the elf skiiers up to the top and then they go down the  slope.  The wires on the left of of the tree are a cable car that went up and down the tree (the car is at the top in the pic).  On the right of the tree is santa on a ladder holding a string of christmas lights, he climbs up and down the ladder.dscf1184copy

Looking at a merry-go-round:


Looking at an even bigger merry-go-round (more fist clenching!):


Posing on a chair in front of the “fireplace”.  Unfortunately at this stage she managed to get fake snow in her mouth and she kicked up a fuss and didn’t pose nicely, so this is the best we got (I didn’t even see the santa inside the fireplace until I downloaded the photos!):


We loved this snow-globe, santa is looking through a magnifying glass at a village, to see whether the boys and girls have been good


There were two big trains and lots of village buildings.  Unfortunately the train is a bit blurry in this pic cos we’ve left the flash off to show the lights


Here’s a wee video, its very noisy because all the musical toys are going at once!

This next video is very dark unfortunately and rather blurry, but its E dancing with two dancing christmas trees!  Its Nana C who twirls E around in the middle.


3 thoughts on “Waiuku Christmas Display

  1. Excellant! We do remember your little girl dressed as a christmas tree. She was so cute. I have added your photos to our christmas web page. I will add your video or one of ours once I find out how. If this is not OK please let me know and I will remove them.
    If Pimp my Longies would like a link on our Waiuku Christmas and Santa Display’link page please contact us.
    From Waiuku Santa Display

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