Sally’s first soaker

When my sister decided to take up knitting a couple of months ago, I got her working on a soaker for her first piece of knitting.  Its on flats, I figured it was a good way to learn the basics.  She finished the knitting part ages ago, and then I very kindly sewed it up for her ;o)  Its been sitting around waiting for a cord, and I finally got around to crocheting one the other day.  I think she did great for her first FO!  She’s a bit of a perfectionist so there are no mistakes in it, cos she goes back and fixes those (good!  I hate it when beginners just leave mistakes as they are!  I can’t bear that myself LOL)

Its a small size I think (trying to remember cos she cast on ages ago!), and is unisex cos her bubs is a surprise still – hopefully it won’t be a surprise after this week though ;o)



4 thoughts on “Sally’s first soaker

  1. Awesome soaker Sally ! I love the dishcloths that Sally knitted for me. I’m just sad they are for Xmas pressies and I can’t keep them all for myself 🙂 Good luck with the baby.

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