Dorothy the Dinosaur

I haven’t updated this blog in a while because all my crafting lately has been christmas gifts, and I couldn’t show them before they were given!  Now that christmas is nearly over, I will start showing what I have been up to.

In the meantime, here is E in a Dorothy the Dinosaur outfit made for her for Christmas by her clever Nana C.  It has a hat, detachable tail, ballet shoes and wee tutu!



10 thoughts on “Dorothy the Dinosaur

  1. i want to make one of those dorothy costumes for me, is there any way you could help me ? maybe publishing some steps or telling me a few tips .. like what it was made of ? pretty please !
    thanks heaps, xxOO Sarah.

    • It was made of green lycra. The yellow dots were felt which I overlocked around the edges and then machined on. The elastic around the neckline and legs I slightly stretched with zig zag stitch and then over and zig zagged down. I use zig zag as it is still able to stretch and doesn’t pop as straight stitch does when sewn on lycra. I either overlock seams or if you don’t have one you can also use zig zag stitch for seams as well. Once you use lycra and have a practice you will see how good it is for costumes because they will fit much longer. If you need any more help let me know. If you require a pattern most pattern books like butterick and simplicty etc have leotard patterns. But you could just try laying down a tee shirt and leggings and cut around that.

  2. Hi Sarah, the green fabric is a stretchy shiney lycra I think, and the yellow spots are a thicker fabric – feels almost like felt. I’m pretty sure my MIL had a leotard pattern for the body, and she may have had a pattern for the tutu as well – she has a gazillion costume patterns because she used to be a wardrobe mistress for a local theatre company. I’ll ask her if she has any tips for you 🙂

    • Thank you HEAPS! means a lot !! i have to dress up as dorothy for a school event, and im not exactly the best texiler! nor do i know much about fabrics etc. thank you again !

  3. hay Colleen i need it by that too soon? I feel like crying 😦 i left it till last minute 😦 buut thank you all for your help i’ll let you know how i go i suppose 😦

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