Evangeline Gloves

For Christmas I decided to make my SIL K some wristwarmers.  I’d always admired these lovely Evangeline Gloves made by Gabes, and as I had some of the same yarn in my stash that Gabes used, I decided to be a total copycat and make some for my SIL – I’ve even used the same colour!

They turned out great!  Well I think so anyway, and I know K likes them cos she has been wearing them despite the fact that its the middle of summer! LOL

These were made in Patons Jet, and I used my 4mm 30cm circulars.  The only thing I was a little disappointed with was the thumb, I thought it was a bit narrow/tight at the base of the thumb.  If I made them again I think I’d change the way the thumb is made  – the way Gabes suggested looks good, I should have just done that!


E helpfully modelled them for me so that I could get a pic of both of them.  Eek, the cast off join is a bit obvious, but I guess thats a bit unavoidable in 12ply.



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