Baby gifts

Each of the 3 two year-olds I made felt food for has a baby brother or sister, and there was also my nephew Ash to gift to, so I decided to make presents for the 4 babies from felt.  I wanted to make them felt stars with a rainbow of ribbons dangling from them, but of course I left it all to the last minute and when I went to Ikes Emporium the weekend before Christmas I discovered that they didn’t have as big a ribbon selection as I expected.  So I made do with what they had, which meant no rainbow 😦 

I found a star template on the net, printed it and then photocopied it to a size I liked – the stars are about 20cm from point to point.    After I’d added the faces (with blusher for the cheeks, which was Mum’s clever idea) and pinned the ribbons on, Mum helpfully sewed them up for me on her machine.  (Sense a trend here?  Yeah, I’m slightly scared of my sewing machine and slightly lazy and slightly dependent on my mum!!!)  You can’t really tell in the pics, but I embroidered a wee white fleck in the corner of each felt eye which gave a really nice finish to the eye, made them look twinkling and friendly 🙂

I was really pleased with how these turned out, I hope the babies like them!


3 thoughts on “Baby gifts

  1. Ash LOVES his star 🙂

    Between that and the rattle with ribbons he got, he has developed an obsession for ribbons lol. He can play with them for so long!

    (I was wondering how on earth you did the cute cheeks too :P)

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