Christmas Craft

Well today 4 people have asked me about when I’m going to update my blog, so I guess I’d better hurry up and do so!  There is some stuff I’ve made for Christmas gifts that I haven’t shown yet 🙂

I had planned to sew a few bags for the ladies in the family, but it was getting close to Christmas and I was running out of time, so I teamed up with my very helpful mum who kindly agreed to do the sewing for me – she is about 100 times better on the machine than I am!  It worked very well – I designed/planned/cut/pressed/pinned and she was the machinist for me 🙂

First of all, we made a Tiny Happy bag for my older brother’s wife:

E modelled it  to show the size:

My sister had asked for a zippered pouch to keep her knitting notions in, and I knew that she was using a tiny happy bag I made her last christmas for her project bag, which I don’t think is really big enough for a project bag, so I decided to make her a knitting bag set.  We made a new project bag (its just a big reversible tote, I didn’t add pockets because personally if I have pockets in my project bag I lose things in them *blush*).  This is my favourite fabric from my stash:

And we made a knitting needle roll to match:

Mum liked the tote bag so much she wanted one exactly the same for her present *rolls eyes*.  Oh well, at least the other half of her present was a surprise!  This shot is to show the lining:

Ironically, we never quite got around to making a wee zippered pouch for my sister, so I have to do that still.


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