Felt food!

As well as E, I had 3 other 2 year olds to give Christmas presents to, so I decided to make felt food for all of them (and E too).  First of all I made a dozen iced cookies:

Yes I know there are only 11 in the pic, the 12th was waiting to have the blanket stitch done.  The wee tray is a serving dish I retrieved from the back of mum’s cupboard, and Santa gave it to E for her tea parties.

I also wanted to make burgers for each kid, but the hand sewing was taking forever so yet again my lovely mum volunteered her machinist skills – thanks Mum!!!!  Each piece has a small tab of velcro so that the burger sticks together.  I’m really pleased with how these turned out.  The buns are stitched and turned cos we thought that gave the nicest finish, but the other pieces are just topstitched together, cos you can get away with that with felt.  I embroidered seeds on the tomatoes. 


I also made a felt cake for E, made from 6 individual slices of cake.  These were all hand stitched.  I cut all of the pieces out and added the embellishments and stitched 2 together, but then started running out of time so yet again it was Mum to the rescue, she stitched up the other 4 for me.  Thanks again Mum!!!!   I was keeping my eye out for a tin to keep them in, and by sheer luck found one of the perfect size at The Warehouse.  It was empty too, so I didn’t even have to buy one with manky butter cookies in it (am I the only one that hates the revolting tinned biscuits that people buy at Christmas?).  I’m really pleased with these, and I like how the cream puffs finish them off.  They are “sponge cake” filled with “icing”, and they have ric-rac on the back of each piece to pretty them up.  They are quite big – thats a full size dinner plate they are sitting on in the 2nd pic.


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